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List of Masters Courses in Analytics (UK & Ireland)

University Degrees The skills gap facing many employers seeking to develop business analytics programs in their business has been well documented. Many universities have attempted to address this gap by offering new degree courses in analytics and related subjects (such as data science). A list of the courses identified in this research that are currently offered in the UK and Ireland (with links) is included in this post.

Applications of business analytics involve aspects from many different disciplines including computing, quantitative methods, as well as communication & presentation skills and domain experience.

Whilst many of these essential skills are taught in universities through courses such as computer science, information systems, operational research and management courses, it would seem that none of these disciplines will offer a grounding in ALL of the aspects involved.

This is one of the challenges faced by universities seeking to address this skill-gap and offer courses suitable for the growing needs of business analytics. Indeed it can be argued that it would be impossible within the timescales of a one-to-two years masters to cover all of the aspects involved

From reviewing the courses currently offered it is clear that there are many different approaches taken to meet this challenge with some courses focusing more specifically on the technologies and architecture, others focusing on the more quantitative aspects, and others combining decision-making and consultancy modules.

A list of the masters courses identified that are currently available in the UK and Ireland, as well as the one bachelors course offered, is included below along with links to further details from the university webpages. For a list of the courses in other parts of the world click here.

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List last updated 30/03/2013


  University Course
Logo Lancaster University BSc Business Analytics and Consultancy  
Logo Middlesex University MSc Visual Analytics  
Logo Aston University MSc Business and Marketing Analytics  
Logo Bournemouth University MSc Applied Data Analytics  
Logo Dublin Institute of Technology MSc Computing (Data Analytics)  
Logo Imperial College London MSc Data Science and Management  
Logo Royal Holloway, University of London MSc in Data Science and Analytics  
Logo University College Dublin MSc Business Analytics  
Logo University College London MSc Web Science and Big Data Analysis  
Logo University of Dundee MSc Data Science  
Logo University of Essex MSc Big Data and Text Analytics  
Logo University of Hertfordshire MSc Business Analysis and Consultancy  
Logo University of Kent MSc Management Science (Business Analytics)  
Logo University of Leeds MSc Advanced Computer Science (Data Analytics)  
Logo University of Manchester MSc Analytics: Operational Research and Risk Analysis  
Logo University of Southampton MSc Business Analytics and Management Sciences  
Logo University of Strathclyde MSc Business Analysis and Consulting
Logo University of Warwick MSc Business Analytics and Consulting  
Logo University of Westminster MSc Business Intelligence and Analytics  


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