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As discussed in our previous post, there is much contention and debate about the definition of analytics. Secondly, there is clear evidence that analytics is fundamentally interdisciplinarian, involving a variety of traditional subject areas in its application. In order to better define analytics, this post will review the arguments made in the literature concerning the different disciplines involved.


List of Masters Courses in Analytics (Worldwide)

University DegreesIn our previous post we listed the masters courses in analytics (and related subjects) currently offered in the United Kingdom and Ireland. This post details similar masters degrees available that have been identified available online (therefore accessible worldwide), from the US, and around the rest of the world.

(Please note: only courses delivered in English have been included).


List of Masters Courses in Analytics (UK & Ireland)

University Degrees The skills gap facing many employers seeking to develop business analytics programs in their business has been well documented. Many universities have attempted to address this gap by offering new degree courses in analytics and related subjects (such as data science). A list of the courses identified in this research that are currently offered in the UK and Ireland (with links) is included in this post.


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